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Urgent Inspections & Estimates for Realtors, Sellers, & Home Buyers

basement contractor inspecting a home in Vancouver Island

Selling a house? Buying a house? Need an urgent crawl space or basement repair estimate?

We understand that certain situations require expedited inspections and estimates.

You may be preparing to sell your home or already have an offer, but if the home inspection report red-flags your crawl space or basement, you may lose buyers or valuable equity through last minute negotiations.

You may be buying a home with a questionable foundation and you need to know if it can be fixed and how much it’s going to cost.

At Island Building Science Group, Inc., we can help!

We make every effort to meet your urgent need to assess your home to help you close your deal.

While Free Estimates are offered for the next available appointment, we will arrange last minute or out-of-hours appointments for a minimal fee.

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This fee is deducted from the final bill when we have completed the work.

Home buyers can move forward when assured that these water problems are under control and a plan for repair is in place.

Call us and we'll tell you how fast we can get there!

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